Friday, March 7, 2014

Assassin's Gambit

Greetings everyone...been awhile.

Well, after returning from my final deployment, I took a few months off to enjoy family and friends.  But now...its back to the grind.

And what is a great way to get back into that about a cover reveal party!?!?  Join me on the 17th of March as I talk with fans and reveal the cover for ASSASSIN'S GAMBIT, the second book in the TIME ASSASSINS series.

I'll be releasing little excerpts from the book over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, check out the back cover:

Saving the future
By preserving the past.

Pulled forward in time by the Guild of a distant future, Assassin 101 is tasked with tracking down a rogue agent before he can return to his time. What he finds is a web of espionage bent on destruction and domination. To complete the mission, Assassin 101 must confront an unimaginable foe and in the process of saving the Guild, a family secret makes the Assassin doubt his own future. 

Sebastian Caine, a certified genius and top level Apprentice, has duped the Guild into complacency and killed his fellow apprentices. Sentenced to death for his crimes, he escapes into the past. A peaceful life at sea is everything he desires, until he meets Catherine. Plans for a new life with the woman of his dreams hinge on drastically changing the timeline.  The Guild has no choice but to send two agents to retrieve Caine.

Rick Brewer has been a guinea pig for Guild scientists since his capture. The only light in his life is his friendship with the woman who had hunted him down. Brewer, along with Assassin 97, is sent to retrieve Caine. Brewer’s growing affections towards her becomes more pronounced as they bounce through the Renaissance in search of Caine. When Assassin 97 is captured and tortured by Caine, Brewer must choose how best to help her.

To rescue Assassin 97, Brewer and Assassin 101 must violate Guild law and, with it, accept possible execution.  Can Assassin 101 save his wife and his future, or will the Guild leave her to history?

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