Thursday, June 28, 2012

Legal Stuff

As a relatively new, independent author without an agent, you must be extra vigilent when dealing with contracts.  You may be great with words and sentences, but unless you are a lawyer to boot, legaleeze might as well be Greek...or Klingon.

Any lawyer will be able to identify the obvious shortfalls in a contract, but to ensure that you are not getting taken to the cleaners by the finer details, you need to enlist the services of a literary lawyer.

There are many independent publishers in the market today.  Some are fantastic and really want to help the author fulfill their dreams.  Some are less than ethical and only want money.  Others are in the middle; they want to help but may inadvertantly do damage to the author and their dream.  This is where a literary lawyer can save your burgeoning career.

Don't let the thrill of getting your book published (or the movie rights sold) get the better of you.  Make sure you get a lawyer to review your contracts.  It will save you much grief and heartache...