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Review of Time Assassins

I'd like to thank Ella Medler for taking the time to review my book TIME ASSASSINS.  Here is her review:

Review: Time Assassins, by R. Kyle Hannah

Time Assassins

An original take on time-travel, Time Assassins skirts the fine line between a brief digest of historic events and an action movie. A guild of trained assassins is manipulating history to the benefit of mankind (mostly). Things don’t always go to plan, and there are secrets that mustn’t be revealed. Rick Brewer, an apprentice with special abilities escapes a reality where he is sentenced to death, travels back in time and amuses himself over several centuries by first attending and then attempting to change certain events in world history.
I have to say at this point: hat off to the author for what must have been a backbreaking amount of research. Every event – a tiny portion of the book in itself – was detailed, vividly described, presented as history has it, explained and originally ‘tweaked’ until it fitted perfectly. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to keep hold of so many loose strands and getting them all to make sense in the end.
So, objectively, here’s the crux. Descriptions – very good. You’ll get the picture, whether in a German bunker, Islamabad, the Smithsonian or Boston Commons. Plot – intricate. I did lose myself in the twists once or twice and had to back-track, but all makes sense in the end. To be honest, I thought this book could have easily filled two or three, with the amount of information in it, and maybe that would have been easier to follow. As it is, you won’t get to catch your breath. The action is continuous. And just as I thought the author missed the obvious solution to the corrupt businessman problem, he served it up as the very satisfying conclusion.
Characterization – good enough. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the way the characters come across, I could not work out which one was the protagonist and I could not get close to them. I didn’t read the blurb, but dove straight into the story, so I had no idea Rick Brewer was of major importance. It might as easily been Donovan, or Apprentice 101 or 97 or both, as the relationship between them develops, but leads nowhere certain, or it could even have been Mayweather and his corrupt business associates.
All in all, Time Assassins was a thoroughly enjoyable read, a rollercoaster ride, unexpected, dizzying and imaginative. If you like action, you’ll love this book. If you like a different approach on time travel, you’ll love it. If you like originality, you’ll love it. It’s definitely one of the best. 4.5 to 5 stars.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The smoke has cleared and I can finally see the carnage and destruction in my wake.  Torn, twisted and ripped carcasses litter the landscape.  I hang my head, happy to be alive, and breath a sigh of relief.

Is this a soldier leaving a smoldering battlefield?  A mass murderer that just committed an atrocity?  Did the Joker that just outwit Batman?

No, its simply the aftermath of the Book Signing and Release Party of TIME ASSASSINS!

November 10th marked the start of Veteran's Day Weekend, where people showed their support for Veterans with praises, hugs and simple thank yous.   I received my share of those and to all that support our Veterans...I thank you.  November 10th also marked the Release Party for my second novel, TIME ASSASSINS.

TIME ASSASSINS was a work of painstaking research, frustration, writer's block, complete lack of motivation and edit after edit after edit; I'm still amazed that it is complete and out.   The Book Signing and Release Party was an absolute success, millions of copies flew off the shelves and I'm still wondering when the New York Times Best Seller List will have my name at number 1! 

Seriously, it was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a great day.  I met dozens of people, saw some old friends and made some new fans.  The energy was great motivation to continue continue the search for the Holy Grail:  A big time contract.

But, until that day, I will stand amidst the carnage, the torn pages, and ripped covers.  I will risk the carpal tunnel by signing too many autographs.  I will do it...because it must be done.  And when the smoke clears, I'll be there, laptop in hand, writing the next one.

TIME ASSASSINS available at:

Discuss it at:

Contact me:


Monday, September 17, 2012

The feeling of accomplishment

Ok, so, you've written a book.  Congratulations!  Now what?

Well, you let your friends read it and they tell you its the next Harry Potter series, or War and Peace, or the best thing since sliced bread.  You're on cloud nine and no power in the 'verse can stop you.

Then you hire and editor and you're world ends.  So much to change: passive sentences, contradictory settings and characters, misssspelled words.  Finally, after rounds of edits (you never find everything the first or even second round) you are ready...for rejection.

Agent after agent gives you that famous line:  "The premise is very intriguing, but unfortunately it doesn't fit our marketing/genre/search right now.  Good luck in the future..." or something very similar.

You toy with self publishing, but you don't want to sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into it.  You have gone from cloud nine to digging your own grave.  While preparing for ritual suicide, you get one last email.

Eureka!! You get a hit.  Two.  Now three indie publishers want to take a chance at your manuscript.  So, now you pour over the contracts; are you fluent in legalize?  No? So you hire a lawyer, a literary lawyer and, months after you finished the manuscript, you make a decision and sign with a publisher.

Another round of edits, or two (just to be sure) and the publisher says, "We are ready!"   You are back on cloud nine, but that is just the beginning.  You get an email with an attachment and the comment, "Go through this one more time to make sure the formating is good and we didn't mess anything up.  I'm also sending you a hard copy proof with your cover. You are so close....hang in there!"

A day or two later, the book arrives.  Your hands shake slightly as you excitedly cut the tape on the small box.  You turn the box and out slides your novel.  YOUR novel. The last year or two of your life has suddenly materialized in your hands.  Hours...days of your time.  You recall all of the emotional highs and lows as you flip through the crisp pages.  Your heart beats faster as you flip and see your face on the inside back cover.

This is what it was all about. This was the last year of anguish, rejections, trials and triumphs.  You pause for a moment and wonder, "Was it worth it?"

You bet your ass it was!

Now, go write another!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Author Interview

I was fortunate enough to run into author and blogger J. Naomi Ay the other day...she decided to conduct an impromptu interview.  Enjoy!


Author Interview: Kyle Hannah

Today, I’m sitting with Kyle Hannah in the back of C-130 while Kyle prepares to jump. I’ll just stay here belted in tightly and ask him about his new book Time Assassins.
Naomi: Let’s start with just a brief synopsis of your book. In 20 words or less, tell me what it is about.

Kyle: Consider Time Assassins a cross between Quantum Leap and Time Cop; changing alternate timelines to the history we know today.

Naomi: What? I couldn’t hear any of that with the door open and the wind blowing.

Kyle (now shouting): Consider Time Assassins a cross between Quantum Leap and Time Cop; changing alternate timelines to the history we know today.

Naomi (also now shouting): I’m not going to bother counting that. Let’s just get on with this and get back down to the ground. Who is your favorite character and why? You can use more than 20 words from here on out. Actually, you can use as many words as you want, just make it quick.

Kyle: I think I like my antagonist, Rick Brewer. He is a former Assassin’s Apprentice ,stranded in time, who is, as he would say, tweaking history. To be a part of the history and see the things he sees…yes, I think he is my favorite.

Naomi: Does he jump out of airplanes too? 

Kyle: You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Naomi: If Rick Brewer called you up tomorrow and said, “Hey, let’s go do something.” What and where would you go with them?

Kyle: Anywhere in time and history: the Montgolfier Brothers first balloon flight, Lincoln’s Assassination, the Wright Brothers, JFK…the possibilities are endless.

Naomi: All the other guys I have interviewed usually respond with a football game or the local pub.

Kyle: I’m different.

Naomi: I noticed. What’s the hardest part about writing your book?

Kyle: For Time Assassins, the hardest part was keeping all of the historical facts from sounding like a history book. I enjoyed the research and actually learned a great deal about the events in the book…but keeping all the history entertaining was definitely a challenge. I’ve discovered that a lot of people don’t know history, that was one of the inspirations to writing the book. The “alternate timeline” thing has been done, but I’ve never seen it done where we end up with OUR history. So, if a reader accidently gleans a little history while being entertained, so be it!

Naomi: Actually, that sounds really cool. Heaven knows I have wondered many times how we possibly could have ended in the situation we are in today. What’s the easiest part of writing your book?

Kyle: There was nothing easy about writing this one. There is so much history that it was hard to narrow down a few events to have Rick Brewer tweak. What I was amazed at was how everything fit together in the timeline. I had one idea about the story, but Brewer’s influence changed it and it worked out so much better than I had planned!

Naomi: If you had to pick one object to represent your story and one color to paint it in, what would it be and why?A purple octopus?An orange hula hoop?

Kyle: The time skip that the characters travel through is an opaque white bubble. That would be the best object and color to describe the time teleport.

Naomi: Do you do anything else besides write and jump out of airplanes and if so what is it?

Kyle: Unfortunately, I don’t make my living sitting at home typing. I’m an Army Officer with over 26 years of service.

Naomi: Bless you and thank you for your service. What’s the ugliest thing in your closet and don’t say all those uniforms. I happen to think men in fatigues and combat boots are exceptionally hot.

Kyle: The mess, LOL. I have so much military stuff in my closet that I can’t keep it clean.

Naomi: What’s in the bottom of your purse, backpack, attaché or whatever you carry?

Kyle: Usually workout clothes. I have to be in fairly good shape to stay in the Army, so I usually have a change of clothes with me. And my iPad…you never know when inspiration my strike!

Naomi: Ah, me too. IPad goes where ever I do. How did we live without them? Name one character in your story that is based on a real person and tell us who it is and how they are similar.

Kyle: Time Assassins is a fictional account of history, so there are plenty of real people in this: Kings, Presidents, Political figures…something for everyone.

Naomi: What’s your favorite game? Would your favorite character play it and be any good at it?

Kyle: I like baseball, football, and volleyball. I think Brewer would play football but only if he could be Quarterback. His type A personality would definitely put him in the driver’s seat.

Naomi: You’re not saying that now because I dinged you on the ‘where would you go’ question?

Kyle: Maybe.

Naomi: Did you ever wonder if you were a little crazy for writing fantasy/fiction?

Kyle: I’m a paratrooper, so I already know I’m crazy, LOL. I enjoy new worlds, aliens, and a good story…so why not write what you like? Its definitely something that not everyone does, but I am constantly amazed at how many aspiring authors are out there. Yeah, I’m a little crazy, but it helps!

Naomi: I was going to point out that bit about being crazy and jumping out of airplanes but you did that yourself. Did your friends ever wonder the same thing? 

Kyle: I’ll admit, I’ve had moments when people look at me and ask, “You wrote a book?” and I was a little taken aback by their astonishment. But, its something I like to do, and as long as people enjoy my efforts, I’ll keep doing it!

Naomi: And then they jumped out that door into the wild blue yonder. While they sailed at 800 ft above ground level, hoping and praying that their small piece of nylon would open and save them from certain death, they thought how crazy you were for having written a book. When you wrote your book, who was the first person you told and how did they respond?

Kyle: My wife is very supportive of my efforts, as are my kids. They are kept in the know, as it were, on the story and progress. I write my books so that my kids can read them – clean language, etc. My wife and my oldest son both read my first novel, TO AID AND PROTECT. I think its very much on the young reader level because my son really enjoyed it (it had lots of explosions and such).

Naomi: That’s wonderful. My kids all think I am lame, totally and completely lame. You’ve got something else you’d like to say before you bolt out that door too?

Kyle: TIME ASSASSINS is my second novel and will be released this fall from Dark Dragon Publishing. It will be available from amazon, barnes and noble, and other major retailers. I hope you enjoy. Bye!

Naomi: Bye! Watch out below! While Kyle makes his way back to planet Earth, you can find him and Time Assassins online at the links below.

Twitter @rkhannah




Sunday, July 15, 2012

My first Blog Interview

I would like to thank Mark at Green Wizard for giving me the opportunity to talk about my upcoming novel TIME ASSASSINS.  His indepth interview is posted below:


Guest Interview: R.Kyle Hannah!

It's my distinct pleasure to introduce Wizardwatchers to R. Kyle Hannah, this week's guest interviewee. He's an American new wave Sci Fi author and alternative historian and here's what he had to say to Green Wizard about himself and his current projects.

R Kyle Hannah
Tell us about yourself. Where do you live? Who are you?

My name is R. Kyle Hannah and I live in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama.
In my real job-the one that pays the bills-I am an Officer in the US Army;
been doing that for over 26 years as a reservist or on Active Duty. I am
married, with two kids, and I'm looking forward to retirement in three

I started writing in Jr. High (so many years ago) to pass the time because Iwas BORED! It seemed a better alternative than to be sent to the office.
My imagination, fueled by undiagnosed ADD, leaped from space to earth to, well, to wherever! I wrote it all down and still have those stories. Most
are absolutely God Awful, but one day I may salvage the better aspects and write a story from all that. It is fun to go back and read them and
remember those days...

My website is Your readers can follow me on twitter @rkhannah or on Facebook at R. Kyle Hannah - Writer

Tell us a bit about your book?

Time Assassins is published through a variety of retailers shortly.
My latest novel is called TIME ASSASSINS and you could say its a cross
between Quantum Leap and Time Cop. The famed Assassins Guild is now in the 23rd Century and has time travel at its disposal. The new charter of the guild is to ensure that the best possible history for mankind exists; so if it means going back and stopping a dictator-or maybe even saving one for the greater good-then the Assassins go back in time.

Time travel and alternative history books have been done before, but I wanted to do something unique. I researched actual historical events-like JFK, Lincoln, the Magna Carta signing-and then sent the Assassins back toensure that history turned out as WE know it; the alternative history is the other timeline. So, I got a little historical fact in there and also had fun creating a completely different timeline.

TIME ASSASSINS is my second novel. My first novel is TO AID AND PROTECT,
I wrote it in AFghanistan in 2003 and its a good first effort. Lets just say I've learned quite a bit since then and I'm getting better with each project.

That's a lovely cover! Have you a writing routine? A set wordage per day? Or do you binge until its all out?

I wish I did have a writing routine, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. My goal is 1000 words a day and for a while I hit that pretty regularly, that's before work set in. Do I binge? If I'm on a roll and the words are coming, then yeah, I'll write til the keyboard is smoking, or my hand cramps if I'm writing with pen and paper.

Neal Schon of Journey with amazing 'fro.

What would you rather be? A best selling writer or a major rock

Funny you should ask. I started writing silly little stories in Jr. High, but really honed my skills by writing lyrics. I play a little guitar and piano, so in High School I got together with a few friends and wrote a few songs...I still have those old silly stories and the lyrics to many many
songs. But honestly, I think I'd rather be a best selling author...the hours are better.

I think I'd rather be the lead guitarist in a rock band! Haha. Who are your influences as a writer? Who are your favourite authors?

I've read Heinlein, Clark, and Asimov and was always blown away at the worlds they could describe; Starship Troopers was fantastic and Childhood's End is still one of my favorites. The movie Starship Troopers was horrible but the book...I've read it at least a dozen times. Today, I read everything by John Scalzi and William C. Dietz...they are definitely my

Arnie and the amazing JLC
I really enjoyed Starship Troopers! Take three books, two CD's and one DVD away with you. What would they

Three books? hmmm. There is an old Buck Rogers book I've read a dozen times, I can't remember the author...but its the classic tale (not the outer space TV show) and I absolutely love it! (great, now I want to go and drag it out again). Starship Troopers would be the second and Old Man's War by
Scalzi would be the third. Old Man's War is such a unique perspective and
story that I could read that (and the entire series) over and over.
Two CDs...thats a little easier. Anything by Journey (preferably a greatest hits compilation) and the early stuff from Night Ranger. Yes, I'm a child
of the '80s and I love it!

The DVD is easy, TRUE LIES. That is one of my favorite movies...James
Cameron did a fantastic job!

E-publishing boom toy
How are you finding e-publishing? What do you see as the major

I find myself going back and forth between ebooks and paper books. I love
the convenience of having several books on my iPad, but there is nothing
like holding a book in your hands- especially your own!
The major challenge I see is the flooding of the market. Anyone these days-talented or not-can write and publish a book. The problem is-and I did this for my first novel-they rush to get it out there without going through a lot of necessary steps; editing, proofing are good examples. eBooks are cheap and easy to obtain, but sometimes you get what you pay for...something you get into a few pages and then just delete it because the editing is horrible or non-existent.

Now, on the flip side of that, you could find a masterpiece because I'I've started marketing TIME learn so much the more you immerse yourself in the world of writing.Ive met some really talented people since.

What are your plans for the future?

I have three years left in the Army then I'm going to find a job in the
private sector and maybe, just maybe, realize its time to grow up. Ha ha, I
doubt that! Seriously, I'm going to write when I can, get my kids grown
and out of the house, and enjoy life. If, somewhere along the way, I get my
15 minutes of fame, then I'll enjoy that too!

Lost City of Atlantis
Tell us about your current work in progress?

I have several story lines in various stages, including a sequel to TIME
ASSASSINS. What I've been working on is called ATLANTIS FALLING, its
another time travel story mixed with all of the myth and mystery of
Atlantis. I've written a few rough chapters of that and the story is coming
along. I'm also branching out and I've begun work on a screenplay
adaptation of TIME ASSASSINS. Its very different from the steps of writing
a novel and I've already learned why the movies are so different from the
books. We'll see how that goes.

Mr Hannah, thanks for speaking to Green Wizard today.

Thank you, Wiz.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Legal Stuff

As a relatively new, independent author without an agent, you must be extra vigilent when dealing with contracts.  You may be great with words and sentences, but unless you are a lawyer to boot, legaleeze might as well be Greek...or Klingon.

Any lawyer will be able to identify the obvious shortfalls in a contract, but to ensure that you are not getting taken to the cleaners by the finer details, you need to enlist the services of a literary lawyer.

There are many independent publishers in the market today.  Some are fantastic and really want to help the author fulfill their dreams.  Some are less than ethical and only want money.  Others are in the middle; they want to help but may inadvertantly do damage to the author and their dream.  This is where a literary lawyer can save your burgeoning career.

Don't let the thrill of getting your book published (or the movie rights sold) get the better of you.  Make sure you get a lawyer to review your contracts.  It will save you much grief and heartache...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marketing your work

Let me start by saying I am no expert in marketing.  Yes, I took the prerequisite marketing courses in college, but that doesn't mean I learned very much.  Nor does it mean I know how to market a novel.  What I have learned is from listening to fellow authors, trying a few new things (like this blog), and putting my name out there so much that people are tired of hearing it!

My first advice is to join a few literary forums.  These are places where you can talk to other authors - aspiring and other - and get some GREAT advice about your work.  There are hundreds of forums out there, genre specific and general, so pick a few, ask some questions, post some work and enjoy.

Second, get FaceBook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc, etc, etc.  Get your NAME OUT THERE.   Network with fellow authors on all of these social sights and support them...they will, in turn, support you and make your work and your career much more enjoyable!

And finally, try new things.  Find out what other gimmicks might be out there, for instance book trailers.   I had never heard of book trailers until the last week or so, but, when you think about it, it makes sense.    Make a 1-2 minute movie about your book.  The visual cues, music, and plot lines you put into it could, would and WILL attract more people to your work.

You can check out my book trailer for TIME ASSASSINS on YouTube at:

So, there you have it; Kyle's quick marketing tips.   Good luck!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Flash Fiction

Tonight I was introduced to "Flash Fiction", what I used to call a short, short story.   I like the idea of flash fiction.  It can be a short, stand alone story or quirky part of a larger story.  Either way, it keeps the imagination and creative juices flowing and, I think, helps the writer develop their style and timing.

Here is my first take on "Flash Fiction".  At this point, I don't know if its a stand alone or will be integrated into a larger story at some point.  Either way, I like it!  Ladies and Gentlemen.....HEAVEN.

Derrick Johnson was in heaven.

     Well, not literally in a corporeal state with wings and a harp, but rather he was in a state of pure bliss; a sensation of ecstasy.  He felt as if he were lying on a cloud, his body floating weightless as magical fingers caressed his body from head to toe.  Even when he opened his eyes, all he could see was a blurry orangish cloud.  Since orange was his favorite color, it just confirmed his impression of a perfect feeling.

     He thought for a moment that he was home with his wife, Sarah.  She always made him feel that same feeling of ecstasy. Her soft kisses, the way she touched him; that was as close to heaven as he had ever been. Her touch would send chills up and down his body; almost exactly like he felt now.  Yes, Sarah. She was the cause of his exhilaration.

     But he knew that this wasn't heaven; nor was Sarah lying beside him.  Fleet Sergeant Johnson was alive and healing in a tank of mending fluid aboard one of the Confederation Medical Frigates.

     His nose was blocked by a small device that pinched his nostrils shut.  In his mouth he had a small tube that provided oxygen and a liquid, food like, substance that would build his strength.  The rest of his face, indeed his entire body, was open to the universe.

     He was floating due to his suspension in the mending tank; near weightless in a thick fluid with the consistency of motor oil.  The magic fingers that caressed his body were tiny nano-bots with needles that constantly moved around him, injecting healing fluids and small electric charges to stimulate healing.

     He opened his eyes and let the healing fluid flood his eyes.  It didn't burn, simply washed over his corneas and pupils and bathed away the scratches and debris of the explosion.  All he saw was the orange haze of the mending fluid.  He tried to smile; orange was his favorite color, after all.

     After half a minute of the fluid cleansing his eyes, he closed them again and relaxed even deeper into the thick liquid.  His mind returned to the days before the war, to Sarah.  She could always make him feel the way he felt now: relaxed, happy, content.  He smiled again, this time with a bit more success around his mouthpiece.

     Doctor Dranco Pleen studied the monitors and the reactions of his patient carefully.  Every adjustment, every minute blast of electric shock caused his patient to smile and relax deeper into his mental bliss.  The Doctor sent another small shock through the devices crawling on his skin; the shock caused Johnson's left arm to twitch and the man smiled again.

     "How is our patient, Doctor?"

     "He is reacting to the devices...just not as expected."

     Sub-Commander Farlenko watched the monitors for a moment, then moved over to the tank and studied the man.  Johnson smiled again.  "Explain!"

     "We have him submerged in the immobilization chamber, as you can see.  We have three Series Seven Torture Bots moving across his body; they are providing electric shocks at random intervals...increasing voltage with each shock.  He is already at level twelve.

     "He actually seems to enjoy the orange flummox fluid.  Every time we increase the tensile strength of the fluid, he seems to relax more."

     Sub-Commander Farlenko stood in silence for several moments, before he shook his head and turned to leave.  He stopped at the door, turned and stared at the chamber and the man inside.  He shook his head again in bewilderment and left the room.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

My first Entry

As the caveman took a wife, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of blogs. 

As an aspiring author, I know that I have a lot to learn about the industry.  Writing, editing, agents, can be VERY overwhelming at times.  As I learn the path through these turbulent waters, I will publish those lessons for others to learn from, criticize and correct.

I am often amazed at how I got to this point. What started out as a way to alleviate boredom (in high school, and later on deployments for the military) has now blossomed into a semi-passion.   I say semi-passion because I don't write everyday. I can't, due to a full time job, family responsibilities and a raging case of ADD.  But I do enjoy putting pen on paper; or, these days, typing away until my wrists hurt.

So, I welcome any and all advice and your comments.  Wish me luck and I'll see you in the trenches!

R. Kyle Hannah
Author of