Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Better late than never...?

Yes, I know...its been a while.

Actually, its been more than a while, its been over three years since I wrote a blog.  Honestly, I'm surprised I even guessed the password.

But, so much has changed recently I felt compelled to write a post and attempt to get back into blogging a little more frequently (at least every two years...tops!).

Let's start with, I have completed the Time Assassins trilogy!!! I released Assassin's Gambit in 2014 and Assassin's End in 2016.

What else is new?  Well, Time Assassins is now a Pinnacle Book Award Winner!  Selected in 2016.

How do you top that?  By being voted 1 of the 50 Great Authors You Should Be Reading by the Author's Show.

You could say 2016 was a busy year,!  

I also signed a contract with Line by Lion Publishing ( for re-release of my first novel, To Aid and Protect.  A revised prologue has brought new life to the story!

I also published a collection of humorous stories from my military career in November.

More recently, after a couple of months of soul searching, I have cancelled my contracts with Dark Dragon Publishing and am now in the process of moving the Time Assassins trilogy to Line by Lion Publishing.  My books will not be available online for several months during this transition.

But, you can always contact me through my website at to order signed copies directly from me.

And now for the BIG NEWS!!  I have a new two-book series in the works.  The first book in the Tri-System Authority duology,  The Jake Cutter Conspiracy, is completed and has been submitted to a handful of agents.  I hope this series will propel me to the next level.  The Beta readers loved the story and my (un)usual turns and twists.

The second book in the series, The Reign of Terra, is almost half-way complete.  Stay tuned for a fantastic cover reveal in the next few months, courtesy of my friend Dimitri Walker and Paintings by Dimitri (

Thats about it for now. Follow me on Facebook at, on twitter @rkhannah, and of course, my website at for convention appearances and other news.

Or, you can always email me at to say hello!

Until next time.

Keep writing,