Friday, October 13, 2017

Author Interview - Lyndi Alexander

Welcome back to Writing and Rambling.  I do hope you've enjoyed the last few weeks of interviews, and we have a special one today.  I am pleased to welcome Lyndi Alexander from Line by Lion Publishing ( to the studio today.

M. Lyndi, welcome!

L. Thanks, Kyle.  Nice place.

M. Thanks. Most people are afraid of my imagination, so kudos for your bravery!

L: <laughs>

M: Tell us a little about yourself?

L: I’m a retired family law attorney, mother of seven kids, with one left at home still. Three of these kids are on the autism spectrum, so that’s been a wild education in itself. My most recent venture is becoming a foster parent for some of the local humane societies, taking care of kittens too small for adoption.

M: Seven kids? Wow. How in the world do you ever have time to write?

L: <shrugs>  You find time for the things you enjoy.

M. Very true. So, when did you start writing?

L.  The first piece I remember was more of a journalistic event—I wrote the story of how my cat killed and ate a rabbit. That was third grade, and my principal read it aloud to my class.

I wrote my first full novel when I was 14-—it was a goopy, horrid, gothic novel about a time traveling governess. Of course at the time, I thought it was brilliant. 

M. Time Travel?  Now you're talking my language!  I have a trilogy on alternate history/time travel. That is fantastic.

L. Thank you.  

M. Do you outline, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when you write? Why?

L. It depends. If I’m doing NaNoWriMo (which I’ve completed four times), I’ll spend October doing a complete outline, with character analysis, setting description, etc., so I’m ready to go.

On the other hand, if I’m just possessed by an idea and start a story, I let that flow for awhile. When I begin to get stuck, then I’ll go ahead and map out the next few chapters, so I can move forward. Sometimes I even just write scenes that I’m passionate about, then go back and outline what has to happen between them.

Whatever it is, it must work—I’ve had 21 novels and novellas published.

M. Twenty-one?  I'm on number six and thought that was an accomplishment!  Congrats.

L.  Thank you.

M.  What genre do you normally write?  What inspires you to write that genre?

L. As Alana Lorens, I write romance, romantic suspense, and suspense, like ENCOUNTER (, from Line by Lion Publications. As Lyndi Alexander, I write science fiction and fantasy. I know The Powers That Be say it’s best to brand yourself with one genre or the other, but my stories just don’t come that way. Which is how I get the Pittsburgh Lady Lawyers series ( on one page, and the Clan Elves of the Bitterroot series ( on another.

M. You write what you like. Nothing wrong with that.  Let's change gears for a moment.  What kind of things are on your bucket list?

L. It’s funny, the older you get, the smaller your goals are. As a young woman, I expected to travel around the world and achieve giant objectives. Since then, I’ve lived in the city, by the beach, in the Rockies, and now in the Blue Ridge. I’ve traveled around the country, researching places for my stories. I’ve become a multi-published novelist. I’ve raised kids who are making the world better every day. What more could I ask for, really?

M. Well, when you put it like that...

L. And, right now, I’d like to be able to visit the grandkids every year and feel “good” most of the time. Maybe get to Alaska. Keep searching out the most excellent cup of coffee.

M. Alaska is beautiful.  Very inspiring. So, what makes you…you?

L. I’m creative in a number of fields, like many fellow authors. I knit, crochet, and paint. My
current project is this end table/kitty hiding place I’ve repurposed from an old wooden nightstand. I also participate in Project Linus, ( which donates quilts and fiber blankets to kids in hospitals and shelters.

M. A worthy cause!  My youngest has spent some time in Hospitals, so thank you for that!

L. My pleasure. 

M. What are you writing now?  Your current work in progress?

I’m finishing the Color of Fear series, ( working on book 3, ADVERSARIES, which will wrap up the story. It’s been a couple of years coming, so I’m glad it will be done soon.

M. It feels good to wrap up a series!  Any advice for up and coming authors?

L. No magic wand from me, just a boring mantra: Write. Write. Write. Join a good critique group and keep writing. You’ll get better and better, but if you get nothing on the page, you’ll never get anywhere.

M. True words!  I tell people the same thing.  We are almost out of time here today. Where can we learn more about you?  Find out more about your books?

L. Here’s my Amazon links, Facebook pages and websites. I’m also on Goodreads, so stop by and say hello! Thank you so much for the interview and letting me share some of my world!

M. Thank you Lyndi. Let me know when your next release comes out. You can come back to the studio (of my mind) and tell us about it.

L. It's a date.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the extremely busy Lyndi Alexander from Line by Lion Publishing!

Thanks for spending some time here on Writing and Rambling.  Until next time...

Write on!


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Author Interview - Lindsey Frantz

Welcome back to Writing and Rambling.  This week, we have the pleasure of meeting Lindsey Frantz from Line by Lion Publishing ( 

M:  Lindsey, come in and make yourself comfortable.  Welcome.

L:  Thanks, its great to be here.

M: Tell us a little about yourself.

L: I’m a 32 year old mom of two--a 2 ½ year old boy and a 4 month old girl. I’ve been married for just over six years, but before we were married we only dated for a few months and then were engaged for only 20 days. I am a classic empath (to the point of distraction) and really, really love animals. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite animal is a dragon (they’re real in my heart).

M: When did you start writing?

L:  The first story I remember creating was when I was five. I told my dad, he helped me write it down, and we illustrated it and stapled it together. It was a story about a golden pony. But I suppose I really purposefully started writing in late middle school after getting my hands on Dragonseye by Anne McCaffrey.

M: Do you outline, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when you write? Why?

L: I’m a mix of both, I think. I usually begin by just letting ideas come to me and going with it, but once I can grab hold of a solid narrative thread, I sit down and plot before really writing. It means a lot of the early writing gets trashed, but it works for me.

M: What is your genre?  What inspires you to write that genre?

L: My preferred genre is kind of a mishmash. I write a lot of YA-dystopian-fantasy/scifi-magical realist fiction. Really, anything I can bend reality within works for me.

M:  Bending reality. Exactly what writer's do! Do you have a set writing routine?

L: I have a four month old, so for the last few months it’s been nonexistent, but generally I try to plan for an hour each morning to sit and work. Then, if I have time throughout the rest of the day to dabble, it’s just icing on the cake.

M: Let's talk about you a little more. What kind of things are on your bucket list?

L: Getting another tattoo, traveling to every state in the US, going to Europe, doing a handstand (I’m a yoga teacher, but I’ve never been good at going upside down), completing the trilogy that my first book belongs to, and losing the baby weight so my joints don’t ache any more.

M: Tattoo?  How many of those do you have?

L:  I have one tattoo: love on my wrist! But I have a few others planned to honor my grandparents. 

M:  Awesome. So, what makes you…you?  Besides being a Mom, a writer, and tattoos?

L: I am overrun with empathy. And I say this, not to brag or showboat, but rather to let anyone who meets me know that I may burst into tears if you say something mildly sad and I may completely freak out if something kind of happy happens for you. I am a classic empath, and it’s wonderful and terrible.

M: What is your favorite movie, or television show, currently?

L: My favorite movie of all time is Serenity, and my favorite show of all time is Firefly, but I have lots of favorites. Right now, my husband and I are watching The Defenders, and we’re really enjoying it! But we’re also re-watching Friends, which is a show I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching.

M: Big fan of the "western in space."  You have good taste!

L: <laughs>  Thank you.

M: Lets talk more about writing. Who is your favorite author?

L: This is another question I need a list for, but if I had to narrow it down, I would have to say Anne McCaffrey, since she sparked my love of reading. But I also adore JK Rowling, Orson Scott Card (his work, not him as a person), and James Clemens.

M: What are you reading now?

L: Infinite by Jodi Meadows. The third installment of the Incarnate series.

M: You said that you try to write a little every morning. What is your current work in progress?

L: Currently I’m working on the sequel to my first book, The Upworld, which is presently untitled.

M: Any advice for up and coming authors?

L: WRITE! Whether it’s good or bad or easy or feels like pulling teeth, get the words down. You can always go back and polish them later.

M: I give the same advice. EVERY DAY!  LOL  Where can we learn more about you?  Find out more about your books?

L: I'm all over the web.

M: Lindsey, it has been a pleasure talking with you today.  Thanks for dropping by. 

L: Thanks for having me!

We wish Lindsey the best of luck with her writing and family!  Make sure you drop by Line by Lion and check out all of the great authors!!

That wraps up another edition of Writing and Rambling.  Until next time...

Write on!!