Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Welcome to April!

Nope, no jokes this year, just a contest!

I am opening up the floor to the fans of the TIME ASSASSINS series and asking, what is you favorite historical event?  What would you like to see in the third TIME ASSASSINS book?

Submit your favorite "historical event" for a chance for that event to be spotlighted in the third book of the TIME ASSASSINS series.

Submit the event and a brief explanation of why that event is your favorite. If chosen, I will write the history of that event and include it in the third installment of TIME ASSASSINS:... TALES OF THE GUILD.

Your historical event should occur between 800 ad and the present.  Click on the link below to the facebook event and simply write your event.

Those selected will receive a signed copy of ASSASSIN'S GAMBIT, due out the 22nd of April.

I'll be accepting submissions the month of April and will announce the winners the first week of May!!

Good luck to all of those who enter!!