Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Soldier / Writer

Greetings from Fort Hood, Texas - The Great Place!  Well, that's what it says on the sign.  I don't know how "Great" it is, but I can say I've definitely been to worse places...

Things are going well out here as we prep for our little vacation overseas!  Army training, PT, and quiet could be a lot worse!!!  You can follow the adventure on FaceBook at if you are so inclined.

As I'd hoped, I've had some free time and written several chapters for TIME ASSASSINS II. The  rough draft is, well, rough, but coming along nicely.  I may break down and post a little excerpt in a few days.
TAII has a little darker flavor so far and I will admit, I'm having fun with some of the timelines.  I don't want to get it too complex (its real easy to get crazy with the time travel), but I do want to keep the readers guessing!  There is still a lot left to go, including a trip to the 16th ready for a little more history and a lot more sci-fi in TAII.

Reviews are coming in for TIME ASSASSINS: readers love it!  I want to thank each and every one of you for the encouragement, the word of mouth advertising, and the suggestions to make the next one even better.  Thank you!   Speaking of TA,  I've been contemplating working on a or TV?   Although a movie based on the book would be great, I think the story and set up lends itself to TV.    I'll be working on a few episodes of that over the next few months as well.

I'm partnering up with one of my Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and we will be working on a military/sci-fi story involving clones during the upcoming deployment.  Yes, between the mission and the writing, I'm going to be busy...but it will make the time go by faster and I'll be home before I can catch my breath.

I wish everyone safety, health and happiness!  And, as always, tell our service men and women thank you when you can!