Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marketing your work

Let me start by saying I am no expert in marketing.  Yes, I took the prerequisite marketing courses in college, but that doesn't mean I learned very much.  Nor does it mean I know how to market a novel.  What I have learned is from listening to fellow authors, trying a few new things (like this blog), and putting my name out there so much that people are tired of hearing it!

My first advice is to join a few literary forums.  These are places where you can talk to other authors - aspiring and other - and get some GREAT advice about your work.  There are hundreds of forums out there, genre specific and general, so pick a few, ask some questions, post some work and enjoy.

Second, get FaceBook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc, etc, etc.  Get your NAME OUT THERE.   Network with fellow authors on all of these social sights and support them...they will, in turn, support you and make your work and your career much more enjoyable!

And finally, try new things.  Find out what other gimmicks might be out there, for instance book trailers.   I had never heard of book trailers until the last week or so, but, when you think about it, it makes sense.    Make a 1-2 minute movie about your book.  The visual cues, music, and plot lines you put into it could, would and WILL attract more people to your work.

You can check out my book trailer for TIME ASSASSINS on YouTube at:

So, there you have it; Kyle's quick marketing tips.   Good luck!

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